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ZIP 610R Dual Zipô drive subsystem for SSL G series consoles

The Micro Analytic Products 610 Series, is a dual zipTM drive subsystem for Solid state Logic G series consoles. This new product is a complete subsystem that is both hardware and software compatible with existing consoles. These units replace the Bernoulli 20MB units directly or can operate in conjunction with them, on the same system.

This product has been field tested since early 1998 and is currently employed in systems throughout Europe and the United States.

An Affordable Alternative

Employing Zip drive technology is an easy and affordable way to insure the on-going use and productivity of your SSL Series G consoles for years to come. Given that the Bernoulli storage systems are no longer in production and are no longer supported, moving to efficient ZipTM technology is a sound financial decision.

System Overview

The Micro Analytic Products 610 Series Disk Subsystem is an advanced computer controlled storage system which connects directly to your console and uses existing Sold State Logic software that support the Bernoulli Drives. The 610 Series Disk Subsystem appears to be a Bernoulli Drive to the SSL consoles, but unlike a Bernoulli cartridge, the Zip disks are physically smaller, more economical and provide additional safety in shipping and handling. This new subsystem comes in two versions; the 610 S and the 610 R.

The 610 R product is the replacement version for systems, which currently have Bernoulli drives. The 610 R is designed to support additional devices, such as Floppies and existing Bernoulli drives. It features a 2U high form factor, a universal international power supply, dual drives for duplication of disks, simultaneous support of Bernoulli Disk Drives, on site firmware upgrades, built in LCD display and power up option programming.

Additionally, the 610 R product's features include local operation independent of the SSL console for Bernoulli to Zip copies, Zip to Zip copies and Zip disk formatting.

Zip 610R Manual
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