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  4100A Future Solutions

SSL released the E/G consoles with different CPU/Memory combinations. Whereas all will work with the 610 series as a Bernoulli replacement, the ability to boot the operating system from a 610 or any device other than an 8" floppy is not possible on 4100 A processor equipped consoles.

This leaves the 4100A console owner in a bind. To move into newer technology, the 4100A must be replaced along with the memory and peripherals. This is often financially prohibitive. Yet, to maintain the use of 8" technology, either floppy and/or Bernoulli cartridge, is also very expensive. To solve this problem, MAP is completing a new interface card that will support the ZIP technology on 4100A-based consoles. An added benefit to the new card is the ability to support older versions of the operating system.

Users of the new card will be able to swap zip disks among ANY 610 users, no matter what type of processor is used. If you have an interest in learning more about this product, please email us or contact us by phone.

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