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ZIP 610 Series Dual Zipô drive subsystem for SSL G series consoles


Micro Analytic is pleased to announce that we have two ZIP drive subsystem models available for the SSL G series console. The first model, the 610-S is intended to be placed in new systems, or , existing systems that do not presently have Bernoulli capability. The enhanced model, the 610-R, is intended as a replacement for existing Bernoulli installations. The 610-R can support both the ZIP drives and the Bernoulli Drives simultaneously.

Both models appear exactly like a Bernoulli to the console, and operate exactly the same as if the Bernoulli drives were there. There are no program changes or updates required on the SSL console. The 610 series use the existing Bernoulli software configuration presently used on the console.

Unit "610-S" Overview

  • The 610-S is intended for installations where Bernoulli cartridges are not currently used, or, where access to existing cartridges is not needed
  • It plugs directly into the min-floppy SCSI OUT connector or can plug into the SSL computer directly
  • There is one SCSI connector and it is internally terminated.
  • The unit is powered directly from any 110-240 VAC 50/60hz outlet
  • Has a replaceable power cord to accommodate various International power plugs
  • Is a 2U high 19" rack mountable enclosure (just like the Bernoulli)
  • There are no switches or settings to play with
  • The subsystem is simply a dual ZIP drive unit that looks like a pair of Bernoulliís to the computer.

What is different on model 610-R ?

  • The 610-R can simultaneously support both the Bernoulli and the Zip Drives
  • The 610-R has a 2nd SCSI connector to attach the Bernoulli drives
  • The 610-R has an LCD display on the front panel
  • The 610-R has two switches on the front panel to enable/disable each Zip drive and, likewise, enable/disable the Bernoulliís
  • The 610-R can be optioned with local utilities such that you can copy disk to disk or Bernoulli to ZIP without tying up the SSL Console !



Which model is best for me?

If you have Bernoulli drives and need to access or convert the data to ZIP drives, then the 610-R is the proper model. Also, if you foresee the use of remote diagnostics or data transfer from the ZIP drives over serial or modem connections, the 610-R is the choice.

Whatís the LCD on the 610-R used for?

The LCD indicates the current status and active drive selection. The LCD reports the state of each of the ZIP drives to indicate whether the UNIT A or UNIT B will access the ZIP or Bernoulli drives. Also, options like local copy disk to disk, power up preference programming, and other offline functions are programmed with the use of the LCD panel.

What options are presently available?

Only the 610-R has optional features like local disk to disk copy and other operational enhancements. Some of these features can operate without use of the SSL console (you don't even need the SSL console connected to perform Zip to Zip or Bernoulli to Zip copies !). Please refer to the 610-R manual for a detailed list of functions.

What options are planned?

Among the most interesting options is the system boot option. The 610-R can be programmed to supply the console software from memory, thereby eliminating the need for the floppy program drive at boot time. Operation of the reel drive remains unchanged.

Why can't I just plug ZIP drives into my console?

The ZIP drive is not compatible with the Bernoulli drives that are used on the SSL consoles. Both the interface and drive geometry is different and incompatible with the software. The 610 series actually contains logic to translate the Bernoulli commands to support the ZIP drives transparent to the console. The 610 also knows how to route the commands and data streams to the proper device.

What about the future?

All units have flash memory and are field programmable, so these devices should support future enhancements for some time.

Zip 610S Manual | Zip 610R Manual
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